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Formula E Tires

Formula E’s Official Tire iON

Starting from the 2022/23 season, Hankook Tire was selected as the official, exclusive supplier and technology partner for the newly introduced GEN3 electric racing cars in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.
All vehicles participating in the official Formula E competition will be equipped with Hankook Tire brand tires while racing.
Hankook Tire has and continues to explore innovative mobility options to lead the industry and continues to advance the technology related to electric vehicle tires.

iON tire iON tire

Hankook EVolution Technology

Hankook EVolution Technology integrates all of Hankook Tire's technology expertise in driving performance and optimizes it for electric vehicles.
This advanced technology resolves the 'Trade-off' phenomenon and delivers everything that is required by electric vehicles: a quiet ride, high load bearing mileage performance, energy efficiency, outstanding grip, and reliable handling, etc.

Hankook EVolution Technology Hankook EVolution Technology

Combined with Formula E Technology

Formula E Technology and Hankook EVolution Technology.
Two innovative technologies have been combined to create a tire that has exceptional abrasion resistance, flexible yet accurate handling, and strong grip. Hankook Tire proudly produces the highest quality tires for Formula E.

formula e tires

The iON Family

  • All-Season for North America, Asia for North America, Asia
  • Summer Summer
  • Winter Studless Winter studless